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Bored During Quarantine?

Bored During Quarantine?

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Bored During Quarantine?

Looking for interesting ways to stay occupied during quarantine while staying productive? We have some suggestions for you! Read to find out ways you can keep yourself engaged while bettering yourself!

1. Learn New Skills

Such as a new language, or a new instrument. As well, learning a new skill to better your business such as taking a marketing course!

2. Cooking & Baking

You can watch food blogs and YouTube videos to discover new recipes to try out at home. Here are some helpful apps to download to your devices: TASTY, YUMMLY, FOOD NETWORK KITCHEN

3. Make Money Working From Home

Become an Experior Licensed Financial Partner

Becoming a licensed financial Associate with Experior allows you to earn an income by using new non- face to face methods of selling such as video conferencing with clients. Additionally, you will be your own BOSS and work on your own schedule.

4. Implement A Regular Workout Routine

Regular exercise helps you release endorphins into your body which can help you maintain a healthy state of mind. As well, staying healthy gives you more energy to focus on other aspects of your life. Such as your family and your career.

5. Organize Your Household

Living in a clean and organized environment helps to keep your mental state healthy. Isolation can be hard on a person’s mental health and making sure we do things to stay positive during this time is very important.

6. Manage Your Finances

Manage Your Finances with Experior Financial Group

Work on debt consolidation and planning for your retirement. Most leisure activities are closed during this time, which means we are spending less money. This is a great time to put our extra funds towards paying down debt and saving for our futures.

Maintaining your current Insurance coverage is important during this time to secure your rates and to protect your family.

Although we can’t help you cook or learn an instrument, we CAN help you with:

  • Investments
  • Insurance
  • Debt Solutions
  • Charitable Giving
  • Estate Planning
  • Group Benefits

And any other financial questions you may have! Contact us today!


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