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Dror David has surpassed 200K in annual income!

Dror David has surpassed 200K in annual income!

Congratulations to Dror David on reaching the 200K milestone! Executive Director/Company Shareholder

Congratulations on reaching the 200K milestone! Executive Director/Company Shareholder, Dror David

Congratulations to Dror David on reaching $200,000.00 in earned annual income. Dror achieves this milestone now after much hard work and dedication to his clients and his team.

When asked how he felt about reaching this milestone he said,

It’s hard to believe that this milestone, once a dream, is now a reality. Had someone told me 5 years ago when I started in financial services that this would be a part of my journey with such an incredible company, I would not have believed them. There has been no shortage of trials and tribulations; being let go from a job for the mere desire of wanting to better mine and my family’s life; experiencing rejection time and time again; almost leaving the business 1.5 years in out of frustration and lack of belief. When most people would have quit and given up on their dreams, my stubbornness finally came in handy, and I refused to give up on mine. And now, I BELIEVE! I believe that hard work, discipline, determination and serving others is the true path to success and prosperity.

I once heard of a man wise beyond his years, who said that we should not live life with open palms expecting them to be filled by others, but that we should live life with our hands pointing to the palms of those who need it most in the act of giving. As the saying goes, “give and you shall receive”. I have been blessed with the privilege of achieving the rank of one of the top earners at Experior Financial Group by always making sure that my agents and my clients are prioritized above all.
To anybody who thinks something is impossible, I say, believe in yourself. Become intimate with WHY you do what you do, and choose a company that stands behind you every step of the way, where you do not have to fear your superiors. Follow those who have achieved what you want to achieve. It is said that we are the average of the 5 people we hang around, so surround yourself with people who will push and challenge you to become a better version of yourself every day. I am truly grateful and thankful to my mentors, my leaders, my family, and to Experior Financial Group. I hope and wish that everyone shall experience what I have.
Love and appreciation to all!”

We’re so pleased that you didn’t give up on your goals and wish you continued success in reaching even more milestones. Congratulations Dror!

From all of us at Experior.




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