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Darren and Stephanie Golka – 500 Licensed Agents!

Darren and Stephanie Golka – 500 Licensed Agents!

Darren and Stephanie Golka

Congratulations to Senior Executive Directors, Darren and Stephanie Golka on growing your team to 500 licensed agents!

We’re so excited to share the news with Experior Nation. Darren and Stephanie Golka have worked hard to grow their team across North America. Their hard work, diligence and focus continue to pay off as they reach yet another milestone in their financial services careers. Darren and Stephanie joined Experior only 3 years and 2 months ago and have created a business to be proud of and very deserving of recognition.

We know so many of our associates will be keeping an eye on Darren and Stephanie Golka. They are always willing to share their knowledge and insights with others and we appreciate their time in teaching the team at events held by Experior. Darren and Stephanie regularly participate in BTO webinars with our CEO, Jamie Prickett and we appreciate every opportunity we get to see Darren & Stephanie in action including the talks they give at our summits and conventions.

Darren and Stephanie Golka, we wish you even more success as you continue to build your legacy with Experior Financial Group Inc!

If you are inspired by the success of Darren & Stephanie and would like to find out more about a career in the financial services with Experior Financial Group please visit www.experiorfinancial.com We offer World Class training and support. Access to the top leaders at Experior. Opportunities for advancement. Excellent commissions (not a salary position). Tools and technology to help you work from home. Own your book of business from day 1. Corporate ownership and equities opportunity. Overrides on all products for agency builders. Promotions based on personal and team production. Over 26 Insurance/Investment company partners. Exclusive contests and prizes. Become and expert in the industry.

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