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Makele Haile, Promoted to Executive Director and Shareholder!

Makele Haile, Promoted to Executive Director and Shareholder!

Makele Haile December 2023

We proudly congratulate and announce that independent insurance broker Makele Haile became an Executive Director and Shareholder with Experior in December 2023!

Makele’s promotion to Executive Director and shareholder at Experior Financial Group Inc. is a resounding testament to his unwavering work ethic and dedication to excellence in his professional journey. In his two and a half years with Experior, Makele has been a guiding force, positively influencing the lives of hundreds of clients by fulfilling their diverse financial service needs and imparting financial education to over two thousand clients.

As Makele embarks on this new career chapter, we anticipate his unwavering commitment to aiding countless families, solidifying his impactful legacy.

The Experior team asked our newest Executive Director to tell us a bit about his journey with the company and how it feels to have reached this milestone. He said,

“I want to express my gratitude to God for guiding me to this significant milestone, I feel truly blessed. I want to extend a heartfelt thanks to my wife and adorable daughter for their unwavering belief in me. A special appreciation goes out to Experior for granting me this incredible opportunity. I am particularly grateful for the entire team and my leader, Henok, whose support has been instrumental in bringing me to where I am today.

I am Makele Haile, born in the Eritrean village of Omhajer. My journey has taken me from Eritrea to Sudan, Egypt, Israel, and eventually to the land of peace and opportunities – Canada. This journey portrays my pursuit of a better life, navigating challenges, and discovering my true calling in the financial industry.

In my initial year in Canada, especially in Nova Scotia, life presented its unique set of challenges. Adapting to the cold climate and characteristics of the region, it proved to be no easy feat. However, these challenges marked only the beginning, setting the stage for my remarkable journey.

Despite completing my training as an Automotive Service Technician in Nova Scotia, I found working long hours in the automotive industry left me feeling unfulfilled. My journey led me through various job roles, from cleaning to working in warehouses. With each experience shaping my understanding of the world and my aspirations. These diverse experiences fueled my determination to uncover my true purpose.

Dedicated to continuous improvement, I immersed myself in self-help books and courses. In 2021, I crossed paths with Henok, a blessing in my life, who introduced me to Experior Financial Group. Captivated by the financial industry and Experior’s vision, I joined without hesitation, heralding a new chapter in my professional life.

Experior stands out as the premier Financial Services platform in the industry. I am particularly drawn to its transparency and legacy program. Experior has played a crucial role in making my dreams come true by providing a platform to help educate people. Additionally, it has enhanced my skills, allowing me to collaborate with other smart and experienced individuals. Through Experior, I’ve learned that nothing is impossible when you believe in the system and have a proper blueprint.”

“After I read about all the successful people, I concluded what makes people successful and powerful is not the degree of education it’s the degree of motivation. Life is awesome after you learn how to handle all the disappointments, discouragements, and rejections. Keep your vision board, goals and WHY always in front of you at all times. Be happy with whatever you have and whatever you’re doing but never be satisfied. You and YOU only are the major key to your success so do not stop learning and investing in your self.

Congratulations, Makele! Your outstanding success is truly commendable. Your ongoing contributions are key to your business’s sustained success. We have absolute confidence in your ability to consistently exceed expectations.

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