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New Senior Executive Directors, Francis and Dianne Sinday!

New Senior Executive Directors, Francis and Dianne Sinday!

Francis and Dianne Sinday

We are proud to announce that Francis and Dianne Sinday are our newest Senior Executive Directors, and will be taking on their new title as of March 2022!

Let us introduce you to Francis and Dianne Sinday, from the Edmonton area and a member of Team S.E.A.L. They show great leadership by consistently putting in the effort to deliver outstanding work in all situations. With this new Senior Executive Director title, Francis and Dianne will also receive shares in the company. As good role model they inspire their team by showing how hard work and dedication pay off.

Francis is also on the Executive Leadership Council which help to decide on strategy and offering input into business decisions. He always offers excellent feedback and attends regularly.

Francis and Dianne Sinday were asked for a few comments about how it feels about becoming our most recent Senior Experior Executive Directors, and they responded;

This is just amazing! What an incredible honor to receive our Senior Executive Director promotion.
Just over 10 years ago, we were struggling and I worked triple jobs to make ends meet. We would have never imagined ourselves getting a promotion like this and building an incredible S.E.A.L. Team organization within Experior Financial Group.

In just 3 and a half years with this company, we were able to achieve massive successes because of it’s Top Leadership, Culture, and one-of-a-kind Tribrid Model (Platform). But of course, none of this would be possible without the trust, hard work, dedication, and commitment of our S.E.A.L. Team Organization! We are so proud of you!

Jamie and Lee-Ann, the FML Organization, and the whole of Experior Financial Group are the real game-changer of the Financial Industry. There are no words that can express our gratitude for their contribution to our success.

Mabuhay S.E.A.L. Team!
Mabuhay Experior Financial Group!

To God be the Glory!

Thank you Francis and Dianne Sinday! We are so glad to have you at Experior Financial Group and wish you all the best in achieving even more milestones!

If you’re inspired by the success of Francis and Dianne Sinday and are interested in finding out more about a career in financial services, please visit our website. Experior offers training that is unmatched in our industry, as well as real-time access to top leaders at the company. Furthermore, Experior provides lots of opportunities for advancement within the company. Overrides on all products for agency builders and promotions based on personal and team production. Our goal is to help you grow your agency by providing you with all of the tools, information, and technology that you need. We have over 26 Insurance/Investment partners and you’ll get insight from experts in the industry, as well as exclusive contests for prizes.

Visit our Instagram page to congratulate Francis and Dianne Sinday on their amazing success of becoming Experior’s newest Senior Executive Directors and company shareholders!


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