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Kinjal & Vishal Parmar, Our Newest Ring Earners And New Shareholders!

Kinjal & Vishal Parmar, Our Newest Ring Earners And New Shareholders!

Kinjal and Vishal Parmar - Ring Earner

Congratulations to Kinjal and Vishal Parmar, our newest Ring Earners for November 2022 and Congratulations on becoming new Shareholders!

Kinjal and Vishal Parmar have reached two major career milestones with the company! The couple moved to Vancouver, BC from India where they joined Experior. Prior to being full-time in the business in September 2022 Vishal was a full-time pharmacist in BC. Since joining Experior Financial Group, the power couple has shown their dedication and are on track to continue to reach their goals. We are excited to see the milestones this couple will reach and know that they are role models for many Associates at Experior Financial Group Inc.

Kinjal and Vishal Parmar, newest Experior shareholders and Ring Earners in Canada!

Questions Experior Financial Group asked Kinjal and Vishal Parmar:

We asked Kinjal and Vishal Parmar how it feels to have achieved these milestones, the couple said,

“We feel awesome and are blessed to have this opportunity with Experior.”

We asked Kinjal and Vishal Parmar Why Experior? Our newest Ring Earners said,

“We chose Experior because of the higher compensation model and for having a good reputation in the market.”

When we asked the couple how their life changed because of their success with Experior, they said,

“Our lives have changed positively because of our success with Experior. We love having the opportunity to work from home as well as the freedom of time we now have.”

We then asked Kinjal and Vishal Parmar if they had any advice for anyone new to Experior, they said,

“Our advice to anyone new or looking to join Experior is to follow advice from Experior’s leadership and continue to learn as much as you can”

We’re proud to see your dedication and hard work in this industry, Kinjal and Vishal Parmar. We look forward to seeing you continue down this successful path.

Why Experior?

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