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Motjaba Abedi, newest Shareholder in Canada

Motjaba Abedi, newest Shareholder in Canada

Motjaba Abedi Newest Shareholder

Congratulations to Executive Director, Motjaba Abedi on becoming our newest Experior Shareholder in Canada!

Experior Financial Group Inc. is thrilled to announce the achievement of Motjaba Abedi on becoming our newest Experior Shareholder in Canada after joining Experior only 4 short months ago! By becoming an Experior shareholder, Motjaba has grown his business to a new level. Since joining Experior, Motjaba has helped 20 families. We cannot wait to continue to watch Motjaba continue to reach new levels and create his legacy.

Experior asked Motjaba Abedi How it feels to have reached the Shareholder level with Experior Financial Group Inc? he said,

As a newcomer in Canada, I never imagined getting accepted and receiving such a great message from a great company. I am joyful to be part of this amazing company and appreciate Experior for providing me with this opportunity.

Now it has been about 4 months since I had the privilege of collaborating with Experior. My advice to all newcomers who are entering this business: PLEASE be patient and trust in the system and your leaders. Be coachable and teachable, as I trusted in the company’s system and my coach, and as a result, today, I reached a new point in my business.

Thank you for sharing these inspirational words, Motjaba! We are excited to watch you continue on this great path of success!

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