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Lucia Medina, Promoted to Executive Director!

Lucia Medina, Promoted to Executive Director!

Join us in congratulating Lucia Medina, an Independent Insurance agent, on achieving the promotion of Executive Director in May 2024!

Lucia Medina achieves a remarkable milestone as our newest Executive Director at Experior Financial Group Inc. Her promotion reflects her strong work ethic and devoted commitment. Having joined Experior 6 years ago this July, Lucia grew her expertise as an independent insurance agent, positively impacting countless families. Throughout the years, she has assisted 600 families, showcasing her dedication to their success. We’re thrilled to witness Lucia’s continuous growth and success as she embarks this new chapter in her career. We have full confidence in her exceptional abilities!

The Experior team asked our newest Executive Director to tell us a bit about her journey with the company and how it feels to have reached this milestone. She said,

“My journey with Experior started in August 2018. In the beginning, like many, I was excited, but one thing I understood was that it was going to take hard work and commitment to win in this field! For those who don’t know me, I am originally from the Philippines, and I came to Canada in July 2011 as a caregiver. As a single mother, I had to leave behind my six year old son at the time and this decision was the most painful decision I had ever made! It had to be made so that I can provide him with a bright future.

As I worked daily, caring for two young children who weren’t my own, it constantly created heartaches because it reminded me of my son who was back home and alone without his mother. I am sure many Mother’s can relate; it was extremely tough on my mind. However, I remained composed and positive. My “Why” was strong and clear, there was no way anyone was going to hold me back from realizing my goal of getting my son to Canada and building him a future he will cherish forever!!…

I got introduced to this industry, way back in 2015 by my sister. She invited me to a presentation and after waying my options, I decided to take the leap of faith. It was the best decision I made, thank GOD she had encouraged me to see the company! It took me sometime to learn and grow, but I never gave up! As I got more committed to the trainings, I started realizing the potential and how I was going to scale in this business!

I went full-time in February 2020. My transition happened during COVID-19 when everything was shutting down and people were consumed by fear and uncertainty. It was tough times, but I remained focused. I was promoted to Senior Manager in December 2021 and achieved my 100K ring in April 2022! It took time, but it was sooo worth it! If you are on sidelines today and you are going through the ups and downs, understand it’s part of the game. The challenges are preparing you for the big rewards that are coming ahead of you. You got this! Stay focused :). “

“My advice to anyone reading this is that, don’t be afraid to take risk, and be open to opportunities. Stay in your lane, and DON’T compare yourself to anyone else! You are special and you have soo much in you to give and inspire! Stay totally focused and increase your activity! Get close to your reason “WHY”, use it as fuel! Once you’re clear on your “WHY”, find the leaders and coaches to work with and watch your business explode!

Congratulations, Lucia! We applaud your outstanding success. Your courage, determination and consistent contributions are pivotal to the ongoing prosperity of your financial services business. We’re confident you’ll continue to reach remarkable heights in your career.

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