Congratulations to Harish Jindal, Newest Ring Earner!

Experior Financial Group congratulates Harish Jindal on becoming a Ring Earner, marking a significant achievement!

Promotional image featuring Harish Jindal

Congratulations to Harish Jindal, our newest and youngest Ring Earner to date! Promoted in August 2023!

Experior Financial Group’s Executive Director, Harish Jindal, migrated to Canada as an international student in 2018. Harish used to work as an Uber driver before switching to the finance industry. Currently, he’s living in Surrey, British Columbia, and has reached a significant career milestone as the youngest Ring Earner in Experior. His colleagues acknowledge his leadership qualities and consider him a young and pivotal figure for budding financial agents.

Harish’s goal is to become financially independent and help as many people as he can achieve the same for themselves. Presently, having served countless families, we would like to commend Harish for his outstanding achievements and wish him continued success. We have no doubt that he will inspire and guide the next generation of financial associates through his expertise and mentorship.

We asked Harish how it feels to have achieved this milestone, and he said,

“I feel wonderful about this opportunity. I am very excited to be part of this club and be the youngest one in the whole company to achieve this milestone. I work hard because I care about my family and want to make a wonderful life for my parents.”

Why Experior? Our newest Ring Earner said,

“I chose Experior because of its transparency and because of ground-level opportunity, the other thing I loved about Experior is the Legacy Ownership Program and the opportunity to be the shareholder of one of the fastest growing MGA & IMO.”

Harish was asked how his life has changed since being with Experior, and he said,

“It has changed a lot! I love being surrounded by like-minded people who always talk about growth and staying positive in life. And the best part is that I am enjoying the work culture, as well as, helping people to build their legacy for generations.”

Congratulations, Harish! Your passion and commitment are inspiring, and we hope to see you go on to great things in your career.

Why Experior?

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