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Mojtaba Abedi, Newest Ring Earner!

Mojtaba Abedi, Newest Ring Earner!

Mojtaba Abedi Nov 2023

Congratulations to Mojtaba Abedi, our newest Ring Earner for November 2023!

Experior Financial Group’s Executive Director, Mojtaba Abedi, migrated from Iran to Canada in 2020. He is currently living in Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada, where he has reached this significant career milestone. His peers view him as a valuable resource for aspiring financial agents. Mojtaba is fortunate to be a happily married man with a loving wife, and two supportive children. He continues to work hard every day to build a legacy for his beloved family.

From February 2023 to now, his team has had the honour of guiding 50 families to make the right financial decisions. We would like to commend Mojtaba for his outstanding achievements and wish him continued success. Through his years of experience and mentorship, there is no question in our minds that he will motivate the subsequent generation of financial associates.

We asked Mojtaba how it feels to have achieved this milestone, and he said,

“This is just the beginning of a bright plan and more hard work. Witnessing the tangible outcomes of my dedication brings me immense joy.

From the first day of my business at EXPERIOR, obtaining the coveted ring has been a personal goal. It became a unique challenge shared only with my little beacon of light, my son. When he innocently inquired, “Daddy, when will you get the ring from your company?”—having observed others achieving this milestone. I assured him it would happen very soon, my definition of soon being imminent.

My aspiration is to serve as a positive example for him, imparting valuable life lessons. I am profoundly grateful to my dear friend and coach-leader, FAHIMEH SARVESTANI, for the unwavering support and trust she has bestowed upon me. Special thanks are extended to my exceptional team; this victory is collectively ours. Proudly, I informed my son last night that I am now a proud owner of the coveted ring.”

Why Experior? Our newest Ring Earner said,

“With two years of experience in this industry, the Experior is an excellent opportunity for everything: book of your client, legacy, retirement and passive income.”

How has your life changed because of your success with Experior? Mojtaba replied,

“This teamwork and opportunity with Experior was a fantastic point in my life (quality, financially, and professionally). I got the chance to be introduced to the industry as a financial advisor. As a result, I made many connections, which helped me grow in my business and personal life.”

Experior’s newest Ring Earner was asked if he had any advice for new associates in the financial services industry. Mojtaba said,

“My recommendation to the new people in this business is that the key to success in this business is to be teachable and coachable.”

Congratulations and well done, Mojtaba! Your enthusiasm and dedication are a genuine source of motivation. We look forward to seeing you achieve great things in the future.

Why Experior?

Are you moved by Mojtaba Abedi’s remarkable journey? You need look no further than Experior Financial Group to establish your own legacy!

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