Darren & Stephanie Golka, Platinum Plus Legacy Owners!

Congratulations to Darren and Stephanie Golka, for earning their Platinum Plus Legacy Ownership at Experior Financial Group Inc.!

Promotional image featuring Darren and Stephanie Golka

Congratulations to National Executive Directors, Darren and Stephanie Golka, on earning Platinum Plus Legacy Ownership!

Experior Financial Group Inc. is thrilled to announce that Darren and Stephanie Golka have achieved Platinum Plus Legacy Ownership. Being a Platinum Plus Legacy Owner at Experior means that in the event of retirement, disability, or death, you and/or your beneficiary will receive a payout on your code and code overrides in the amount of 75% indefinitely.

In their five years with Experior, Darren and Stephanie Golka have built a very successful career and a bright future for their family. Growing a team and reaching new heights along the way, this power couple now has a massive team of 1250 financial agents. Through their knowledge, dedication, passion, and through their team at R.E.O.S. (Recognizing Each Others Successes) have helped thousands of clients. Experior Financial Group Inc. is so proud to provide Darren and Stephanie Golka with this Platinum Plus Legacy Ownership. We can’t wait to hear about their ongoing progress and celebrate the new goals they set for themselves along the way.

We asked Darren and Stephanie Golka what this legacy certificate meant to them. They said,

“Achieving the Platinum Plus Legacy means the world to us and our families. In the 20 years of being in the Financial Services Industry with a couple different MGAs, we have NEVER had that true “PEACE OF MIND” until the moment we received and held the Platinum Plus Legacy Ownership certificate.

This achievement would not have happened if it wasn’t for our incredible North American Team R.E.O.S.! All of the team has contributed to the achievement of this huge milestone and we are so honoured to be leaders of leaders! This is an entire team effort and nothing happens without great teamwork in any area of business, schools, sports, hospitals, communities or churches etc. Thank you to Jamie and Lee-Ann for your tri-brid industry vision, and your determination to keep believing and achieving when others said you wouldn’t or couldn’t.

We cannot express how grateful we are for Experior. We are so humbled to be a part of an industry-leading builder/producer model, a share ownership program and a company protecting agents who build agencies and contribute to the growth of our amazing industry by properly serving clients with suitable solutions to their financial needs. Platinum Plus Legacy means Our FAMILY… Our FUTURE… Our LEGACY… will now be taken care of FOREVER and THIS is what you call a true Legacy!”

Darren and Stephanie were asked if they had any advice for Experior agents looking to earn their legacy. They responded,

“What we love about this industry, is that you don’t need to “be great” to start, but you have to “start to be great”! We all have the equal opportunity here at Experior, the same 24 hours in day… the difference is what you do in those 24 hours that will determine your outcome and success level.

“The sky is truly the limit here! We are so proud of the 12 Legacy Owners and 50+ shareholders from team R.E.O.S (to date) that we have helped create as they have come from all backgrounds and previous careers and companies. Isn’t it time for you to achieve your Legacy Ownership so you can secure your legacy and future for you and your family forever? 

For leaders, builders and agents, if you are looking to build your own legacy and secure your family’s future in this industry, let’s have a conversation!”

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