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Jacob Antila is our Newest Ring Earner!

Jacob Antila is our Newest Ring Earner!

Jacob Antila, Executive Director, has earned his ring in November 2022.

Congratulations to Jacob Antila, our newest Ring Earner of November 2022!

Jacob Antila, Executive Director at Experior, has reached a fantastic career milestone with us! Jacob was born and raised in Cochrane, Ontario. A small country town with amazing people with hearts of gold He now resides in North Bay, Ontario, a small northern city with heavy snowfall during the winter. Jacob loves it there because he loves the snow; snowboarding and skiing are just a couple of his hobbies.

Jacob is married and has a 4-month-old daughter. He has been building his business to a whole new level this year and the results are starting to show!

Questions Experior Financial Group asked Jacob Antila:

We asked Jacob Antila how it feels to have achieved this milestone, this Executive Director said,

“Having achieved ring earner status at Experior is an amazing feeling! I cannot express how much this means to me and how it has helped my family 🙂 Experior has given me the freedom to control my schedule and spend time with my wife and 4-month-old daughter, all while building my business to a whole new level this year.”

We asked Jacob Antila, “What is your why?” Our newest Ring Earner said,

“My “why” is simple: My wife and little girl Nora are my biggest reasons “why” right now! Every day, I wake up knowing I need to make things happen to take care of them. My other “why” is that I love helping people and clients retire comfortably and securely.

We asked Jacob what made him choose Experior.

“Well, Jamie Prickett, CEO, is the reason I chose to run my business at Experior Financial Group. After a few conversations with Jamie, I finally made the decision to switch from Investors Group 5 years ago now, and it has been the best decision in my business career EVER!”

We are so pleased you chose to work with Experior, and we know that you serve your clients well! We wish your family and business even more success as you continue to work towards future goals.

Why Experior?

If Jacob’s story strikes a chord with you and you want to learn about creating your own legacy. Check out Experior Financial Group! We have the tools and training to make sure that the best financial services are provided to you and your clients.

Experior is still the fastest-growing MGA in Canada and has expanded into the USA. Experior offers access to our leadership team, world-class training and support, as well as state-of-the-art proprietary software that will assist you and your clients in making the most of their financial situations.

Visit our Careers page to learn more about the great opportunities Experior offers!

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