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Mario Francella, Ring Earner!

Mario Francella, Ring Earner!

Mario Francella Ring Earner

Congratulations Mario Francella Six-Figure Ring Earner June 2021

We are beyond excited to announce our NEWEST six-figure ring earner, Executive Director, Mario Francella! Mario has been a great teacher within Experior and he’s always leading his team to work towards their goals. Mario is constantly finding innovative ways to build his team and brand! He is one to watch!

Questions we asked Mario Francella

We asked Mario Francella for words to help inspire others who are working hard to reach their goals and become a ring earner, he said. “Never underestimate the power of a made-up mind. Your life and results come down to a series of small choices made daily. The options we have to choose from may not always be ideal but we always have a choice. We can hope for, manifest, wish, pray, think, post or talk about what we want to achieve in life but it’s not until you decide you want it and your actions match that decision will it ever happen for you. Are you willing at any moment to give up who you are for who you want to become?”

We asked him why he chose Experior? Our newest ring earner Mario Francella said, “Experior gives you an experience, unlike anything I’ve seen in my nearly 13-year career. It’s felt like home from day one, the support has been unbelievable and the opportunity continues to improve every day. It’s an honour to be a part of history.

Thank you Mario Francella! You continue to inspire us all!

Why Experior?

If you are inspired by Mario Francella’s success and are looking for a change, check out Experior Financial Group. We offer access to our leadership team and world-class training & support. As well, we have state-of-the-art proprietary software that will help you to best serve your clients. Check out our website to find out why Experior is the fastest-growing MGA in Canada and why we’re the first Canadian MGA to expand into the USA!

Visit our careers page to learn more about why Experior could be the right place for you to reach your goals!

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