Sudhir & Mina Nagar, Gold Legacy Owners!

Congratulations to Sudhir & Mina Nagar, for becoming Gold Legacy Owners at Experior Financial Group Inc.! This is a remarkable achievement.

Promotional image featuring Sudhir and Mina Nagar

Congratulations to Executive Directors, Sudhir and Mina Nagar on earning Gold Legacy Ownership!

Experior Financial Group Inc. is thrilled to announce that Sudhir and Mina Nagar have achieved the prestigious status of Gold Legacy Ownership! Being a Gold Legacy Owner at Experior means that in the event of retirement, disability, or death, you and/or your beneficiary will receive a payout on your code and code overrides in the amount of 75% for a period of 10 years, and immediately following the 10-year period, a payout indefinitely at 25%.

Sudhir and Mina’s journey with Experior Financial Group, Inc. started just a year ago! Since becoming a part of Experior, they have actively assisted 40 clients directly. Additionally, he has successfully established his own team, which consists of 550 agents. The contributions of Sudhir and Mina to the Experior team have been, and remain, indispensable. We excitedly await and look forward to sharing the couple’s next success story right here at Experior as they continue on this journey.

We asked Sudhir and Mina Nagar what this legacy ownership means to them. They said,

“There are many families fighting for a better financial future. I am no different. We take those risks for the reward at the end. I made a risky choice to uproot my family and move to another country for the American Dream. While I haven’t fully realized this dream, I’m on my way to achieving it.

The Legacy Certificate is a sign that my risk is starting to pay off for me and my family. Experior wasn’t my entire career journey, but it’s the opportunity that has enabled me to walk tall and feel that I can leave something behind for my family. I have achieved something worthy, something to be proud of, and something to keep me pushing onwards!”

Sudhir and Mina were asked if they had any advice for Experior agents looking to earn their legacy. They responded,

“If you’re an agent looking to earn your Legacy Certificate, then you’ve already made the choice today that this industry, this company, and these people are who you wanted to be surrounded by and where you want to be. But this conviction can be challenging to keep in difficult times. That’s when you need it the most! You need to make that choice daily.

While some people’s journey to the Legacy Certificate is a sprint, mine was a marathon… and I’m still running!

I have to remind myself that consistency without result, discipline when no one’s watching, and that daily choice in tough times is my superpower. That’s also my advice to anyone else at Experior wanting to achieve their legacy.”

Why choose Experior?

Experior proudly offers our clients exceptional service and innovative solutions. Moreover, our dedicated leadership team, world-class training, and support, along with state-of-the-art proprietary software, empower us to effectively serve our clients. Furthermore, with a wide range of industry partners, our agents possess the knowledge and resources to address each client’s unique needs. So, whether you are a seasoned financial professional or just starting your career, Experior is the place to be.

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