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Trevor Baker, Our Newest Ring Earner!

Trevor Baker, Our Newest Ring Earner!

Trevor Baker - Ring Earner

Congratulations to Trevor Baker, our newest Ring Earner of November 2022!

Trevor Baker, Executive Director at Experior, has reached a career milestone with Experior Financial Group Inc. after joining less than a year ago! Trevor works out of Calgary, Alberta where he and his family live and since joining Experior, he has been working towards his goal of building a legacy for his family. Trevor is very passionate about his work and continues to show what happens when you are dedicated to your work. Trevor is a true inspiration for all the members of the Experior.

Questions Experior Financial Group asked Trevor Baker:

We asked Trevor Baker how it feels to have achieved this milestone, the Executive Director said,

“It’s an INCREDIBLE feeling to achieve this milestone in under a year with Experior.  It was something I was unable to accomplish in 12 years with my previous company.  It is such an AMAZING compensation structure that owners of Experior have developed for our agents.  It’s no wonder why we are attracting unlicensed, licensed, and teams of licensed people to our team and company!”

We asked Trevor Baker Why Experior? Our newest Ring Earner said,

“I chose Experior after being prospected by a different firm.  I wanted to really look at many options if I was going to look at any.  After months of diligence, Experior checked all the boxes that were important to me (for my family).  At the time, we were new parents and I definitely needed to have a better income, ownership, and a one-of-a-kind infinite income legacy option that can be passed along for generations to come.  Another important advantage was the ability to have an agency in the United States from day one for myself and my future agents.”

When we asked Trevor how his life changed because of his success with Experior, he said,

“I’m prouder of the business I’m developing and have more confidence knowing that I can provide clients with many more options than I previously had.  Also, because I’ve reached the Executive Director position, I am now a shareholder in Experior and have a legacy for my family!”

Thank you for these touching words, Trevor! You are definitely on a path to create your legacy for your family! We cannot wait to continue to watch you on this path of success.!

Why Experior?

If you are touched by this story and want to learn about creating your own legacy. Check out Experior Financial Group!

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