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Delroy Peart, Newest Ring Earner!

Delroy Peart, Newest Ring Earner!

Delroy Peart Ring Earner January 2024

Congratulations to Delroy Peart, our newest Ring Earner for February 2024!

Experior Financial Group’s Executive Director, Delroy Peart, hails from Jamaica and has experienced living in Ontario, Alberta, and Quebec. Currently, he resides in his hometown of Jamaica, embracing it as his Island Paradise. Delroy is a dedicated single father to two children, as well as six grandchildren who all live in Alberta.

Since becoming a part of Experior, Delroy and his team, Team Creators, have had the privilege of assisting numerous families in making sound financial decisions. In acknowledgment of Delroy’s outstanding achievements, we extend our congratulations and best wishes for his ongoing success. With his experience and leadership skills, there is no doubt in our minds that he will inspire the next generation of financial associates.

We asked Delroy how it feels to have achieved this milestone, and he said,

“The $100K ring is very satisfying for me, more so because of how I achieved this significant milestone. This is a testament and example of all the principles, mentality and methods I have taught my team. It is also a significant step closer to the Legacy I am working towards.”

“The genuineness of Jamie and Lee-Ann Prickett persuaded me as I can trust what they say. I believed the ownership, the more than fair distribution of earnings, particularly at the entry levels as well as the accessibility and transparency of our CEO and President.”

How has your life changed because of your success with Experior? Delroy replied,

“I am more of a believer that my larger life goals are not only possible but imminent because of Experior.”

Experior’s newest Ring Earner was asked if he had any advice for new associates in the financial services industry. Delroy said,

“Keep lazer focus on your BIG dream and trust yourself and the system to get you there. Stay in the game and success becomes inevitable.”

Congratulations, Delroy! Your genuine source of motivation, enthusiasm, and dedication are invaluable assets. We eagerly anticipate witnessing your future accomplishments. Well done!

Why Experior?

Does Delroy Peart’s remarkable journey resonate with you? With a proven track record and a supportive team, your journey toward building a lasting legacy begins here.

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