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Junalyn Espiritu, Promoted to Executive Director!

Junalyn Espiritu, Promoted to Executive Director!

Junalyn Espiritu Newest Executive Director

We are proud to announce that Junalyn Espiritu became an Executive Director in December 2022!

Junalyn Espiritu joined Experior Financial Group in September 2019 and continues to grow her business to new levels! Junalyn has been very committed to her work and clients since her first day at Experior Financial Group. The Executive Director serves 5 to 10 clients a month and will continue to offer a helping hand to those around her. Junalyn is a true inspiration to everyone around her, both on her team and within Experior. We are sure that Junalyn will keep building her legacy and making a difference in her community.

The Experior team asked Junalyn Espiritu how it feels to have reached this milestone with Experior Financial Group; she said,

“This is an absolute amazing experience, that I thought would just be a dream because I only worked as part time in the business. Definitely this is for my family whom I have considered my big Whys in doing this business. Thank you Experior for creating a platform like this. Experior is really treating each associates with equal opportunities.”

We then asked our newest Executive Director for advice she could share with new Associates; she said,

“Be patient. There is always a right time for everything. Don’t quit”

Experior offers its agents an exceptional opportunity to work with top leaders in the company and earn promotions to executive positions. Associates are provided with training opportunities, as well as ongoing promotions. Overrides on all products are available for agency builders. We want to help you reach your goals by giving you the best information, tools, and technology. Experior has partnered with 26 insurance/investment companies. These companies provide you with top-notch policies, exclusive contests, and prizes. Experior will also provide you with insight from experts in the industry. Visit our Careers page to find out more!

Visit our Instagram and Facebook Page to congratulate Junalyn Espiritu on reaching this achievement of becoming Experior’s newest Executive Director! To learn more about Experior Financial Group Inc. and our latest promotions and news, follow us on social media!


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