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Mauro & Mara Arturi Promoted to Senior National Executive Directors!

Mauro & Mara Arturi Promoted to Senior National Executive Directors!

Congratulations to Mauro and Mara Arturi for being promoted to Senior National Executive Director at Experior!
Mauro and Mara Arturi Sr. NED Feb 2024

We are proud to announce that Mauro and Mara Arturi are the newest Senior National Executive Directors at Experior Financial Group as of February 2024!

Mauro and Mara Arturi have achieved yet another significant professional milestone by becoming Senior National Executive Directors at Experior Financial Group. In eight years with Experior, Mauro, supported by Mara and his hierarchy, has directly assisted over 20,000 clients, showcasing his professional passion. As a role model for Free More Lives and other colleagues, he is clearly committed to success. Mauro is also an ELC member and contributes to the direction of the company’s future by participating in weekly meetings of the Experior Leadership Council.

It brings us immense joy to acknowledge this achievement as one of the first power couples in Experior to reach the esteemed status of Senior National Executive Director. Their ongoing inspiration and motivation have positively impacted numerous agents within Experior. We are truly grateful for the many years Mauro and Mara have been a part of our organization, and we look forward to more shared successes in the future.

We asked our newest SNED’s for a few comments about how it feels to reach this milestone; Mauro commented,

“Every day I am grateful and awe struck at where we are in our business. Thankfully, we bought into Jamie and Lee-Ann’s vision.”

Mauro and Mara were asked to share any advice they have to help other Associates succeed, they said,

“Be a servant leader and always be humble.”

Mauro and Mara, your legendary journey fills us with joy and gratitude. Your dedication and hard work are seriously impressive. We are thankful for the positive impact you’ve made here at Experior and wish you even more success in the future.

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