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Pamela Kumaravelu, Promoted to Executive Director!

Pamela Kumaravelu, Promoted to Executive Director!

A smiling Pamela Kumaravelu, signifying her promotion to Executive Director at Experior Financial Group Inc. in January 2024

Congratulations to Pamela Kumaravelu on becoming an Executive Director with Experior in January 2024!

We are delighted to extend our heartfelt congratulations to Pamela Kumaravelu on her well-deserved promotion to the esteemed title of Executive Director at Experior Financial Group Inc. Since joining in October 2018, Pamela has guided and positively impacted 75 clients with their unique financial service needs. Her dedication is commendable.

Achieving a new career milestone, we anticipate Pamela’s ongoing success. Confident in her capabilities, we look forward to her dedication to assisting families, solidifying her impactful legacy. This promotion attests to her achievements and underscores Experior’s commitment to our agents. We’re proud of Pamela’s accomplishments and excited about her future at Experior.

“I joined Experior Financial Group in October 2018, at that time I was part-time studying for my license while working full-time in Human Resources. I felt that this opportunity presented to me by Mr. Denesh Logeswaran really aligned with my skills and expertise. As an HR Professional I collaborated with hiring managers and executives to understand their specific needs, develop a plan, and execute the plan with precision, this is the same guide I used when I started at Experior with my clients, which helped me in making sure I was doing things the right way and staying compliant. I believe in staying up to date with industry trends and technologies which also helped me succeed in achieving this milestone. It has been quite a journey and a beautiful one but there is much more heights to be reached, this is only the beginning.”

“My advice to anyone starting in their journey at Experior Financial Group is to stay consistent and never let go of your self discipline. That is what will bring you to where you want to go.”

Congratulations, Pamela! Your remarkable success is truly commendable. Your consistent contributions play a pivotal role in the sustained success of your business, and we hold unwavering confidence in your capacity to continually surpass expectations.

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